Consultations & Services

Body/Mind Integration Program:

Adopting the holistic practice of addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual, this one on one program sets about identifying areas of imbalance or concern, adapting perspective, strategies and  awareness allowing the client to move forward with a transformational lifestyle plan. Running over a 6 week period, these sessions will move through the 3 principles mentioned above allowing the client to deeply recognise that true and sustainable ‘whole’ healing comes about when we fully consider that there is ultimately no separation between the body, mind and the spirit.

The focus of this program is to create a ‘body/mind integration’ clarity, to introduce a safe space allowing  the introduction of healing, and most importantly to equip the client with a ‘tool box’ of self supporting strategies and (if required) a list of ‘outsourced practitioners’ to deepen the healing journey that has already begun to take place.

Conscious Counselling:

Addressing emotional wellness, Conscious Counselling is a one on one service where the client is supported in gaining awareness into how they fundamentally think and feel. In these sessions the client will not only gain greater insight into what may be at play that underpins their potential emotional concerns, but additionally will further open to a greater clarity around the interplay of ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’. This is of particular relevance when we are facing distress around illness and/or areas of our lives that feel ‘out of our control’. With a deeper understanding and space to explore these emotional concerns, the client may then arrive at a place that not only offers a certain level of healing, but furthermore a greater capacity for acceptance and sense of emotional wellbeing.

Natural Aesthetic Solutions:

Natural Aesthetic Solutions main objective is to help clients address the confronting and often times painful aesthetic side effects that may be experienced when navigating cancer and/or related treatments. Focusing on the physical body, these sessions offer the client ‘natural’ solutions and strategies supporting the management of such debilitating conditions as hair loss, skin changes and irritation and oral health, to name but a few.


For all enquiries related to the availability and related costs for consultations or services please email Jayne