Fiercely Graceful

“Grace is all around us, if we only have the eyes to see it. The good moments are grace, the difficult moments are grace, the confusing moments are grace. When we begin to open enough to realize that there is grace in every situation, in each person we meet, no matter how easy or difficult we perceive them to be, our hearts will flower and we’ll be able to express the peace and the love that each of us has within us” 

Falling into Grace – Adyashanti

I first read this sublime statement so many years ago whilst navigating one of the more confronting chapters of my life. As is so often the experience in these challenging times, I had hit a major cross road that would have me questioning the fundamentals of my world physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was 47 years of age, and I was once again staring down the barrel of a cancer diagnoses….the third to be precise.

As a woman who earnestly practised a holistic lifestyle, with a belief system that was deeply rooted in taking responsibility (and healing) through my body, mind and spirt, what the hell was I missing? For close to 25 years I had adopted these principles, loosely as a younger woman addressing the challenges of early adulthood, and more fundamentally in my latter years as I navigated the gruelling effects of cancer.

Yet, here I was again!

What was I missing? Had I not given enough consideration to adopting a lifestyle practice that supported a healthy body and mind….had I not done enough emotional work, was my diet not ‘alkaline’ enough, was I not doing enough yoga, not meditating enough, was I just too hard on myself? The list went on and on……search or surrender, push or accept, open up or set boundaries? 

What I came to recognise is that it would require both views. Sometimes it would be the fierce determination I needed to ardently research information, hold space for the difficulties, stand up for what I believed/required, make the big decisions and changes, dive deeply. Other times (eventually becoming the predominate position) it would be embracing and accepting ‘what is’, allowing the answers to organically arise from within, leaning gently into the difficulties and trusting the process. 

To act both fiercely and gracefully may seem completely contradictory, however I believe that it is in those moments when we are facing the biggest challenges, the deepest suffering or the greatest confusion that we are called upon to act with our most steadfast determination and our most surrendered vulnerability…..and this to me is the art of living, and being, fiercely graceful.

‘Fiercely Graceful’ e-book will be available for download early 2020…